What is ArtCart?

A quick overview of ArtCart platform.
ArtCart is an NFT transaction platform that simplifies all NFT-related processes for sellers and buyers including creation, issuing, tracking, sales and more.
  • Sellers can create, issue and track NFTs from a single dashboard with zero upfront cost.
  • Buyers can collect, sell and track NFTs from a single application without the need to deal with multiple individual marketplaces and exchanges.
ArtCart platform includes following building blocks:
  • Seller portal for creators & sellers to create, issue, manage NFTs.
  • Buyer portal for buyers to receive NFTs & send them to a marketplace to sell.
  • APIs for sellers to issue NFTs through any digital or physical sales channel, i.e., a mobile application or a game.
  • Marketplace integrations that allow NFTs to be sent to a marketplace for sale through API.
Last modified 2yr ago