Endpoint allowing manipulations with NFT templates

Gets all NFT templates for authenticated seller

GET https://platform.artcart.cloud/api/transactional/templates

Gets all NFT templates for authenticated seller as a list of JSONs.


    _id: "6213ec177a82c15445554b53",
    name: "my name",
    image_ipfshash: "QmdQEtcVE5p9aFxt7YSHAFZYDFvjmVQbHFTeumBx7oC8e5",
    meta_ipfshash: "QnFDFKSRFNPyZPZgDLbuBoHWp89GJoku73XkaQCFHN2Vdd",
    author_email: "email@gmail.com",
    author_wallet: "0xd0a9ffBDDC03326c8AeC4287d8e6a3d92d1F7C4d",
    nft_address: "0xB0EA149212Eb707a1E5FC1D2d3fD318a8d94cf05",
    limit: "2",
    count: 2

POST https://platform.artcart.cloud/api/transactional/templates

Create new NFT template for authenticated seller by submitting a multipart form.


Request Body

    // Response

Please note, that post request uses multi-part form, not JSON body. The list of possible collection values:

Delete template

DELETE https://platform.artcart.cloud/api/transactional/templates/:id

Deletes specific template identified by id for authenticated seller.

Path Parameters


    // Response

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