Getting Started

Quick-start guide for ArtCart Unity SDK

1. Create and deploy serverless backend

This is required to authorize API calls to the ArtCart platform. The easiest way to do this is to use the ArtCart serverless backend starter project:

  1. Go to and fork the repository

  2. Go to and create a new project form the repository that you have forked.

You can use any serverless backend of your choice for the purpose.

2. Add ArtCart SDK to your Unity project

  1. Import ArtCart SDK package into Unity.

  2. Configure the variables in the ArtCart script to point toward your Netlify endpoints: private string urlawardNFT = "YUOR_NETLIFY_ENDPOINTawardNFT" private string url_awardSpecificNFT = "YUOR_NETLIFY_ENDPOINTawardSpecificNFT "

At this point, everything should be configured properly.

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