Create your first NFT

This page describes the process of NFT creation

After you have created your account it's time to create your first NFT. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Through the ArtCart Seller portal which we will discuss here.

  2. Through REST API which will be covered in the API Reference section.

To create your first NFT template, navigate to the Collections page from the navigation bar. Here you will find all your existing NFT templates.

NFT template can be instantiated (minted) into an NFT when you issue it to a customer. When creating a template you can specify:

  1. Asset name: the name that will be used for your NFT

  2. Asset description: description of the NFT, can be anything

  3. Network: blockchain on which the NFT will be deployed. Currently Rarible is the only option.

  4. Number of times the NFT can be minted (set 0 to remove any limits)

After you confirm the NFT template it will appear on your collections page and will be ready to be issued to your customers.

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